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Charting the puzzles and peeves of kid-herding — from Huggies to homework, Pilates to pinatas.

  • The Bullet-Proof Backpack
    September 3, 2019
    It’s the Tactical Assault Accessory All the Cool Kids Are Wearing Aaaaand that was “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the…
  • Escape-Room Escapades
    June 12, 2019
    Parents Prove Useless in Puzzling Through Adventure Game [caption id="attachment_1177" align="aligncenter" width="1416"] Starshine and family, saving the world one Dark…
  • Uber for Junior?
    April 30, 2019
    Ride-Hailing Companies Recognize Parents’ Need for Kid-Hauling Help Here’s a little secret no one tells you about raising children but…
  • ‘My Parents Are Stupid’
    April 1, 2019
    When Kids Refuse to Be Properly Indoctrinated If I had any doubts that Gen Y and Gen Z possess the…
  • How Not to Raise a Sexual Assaulter
    January 13, 2019
    You Never Really Know If You’re Raising Good Kids ... Until You’re Long Done The political pandemonium of the past two…


Sex, politics, fashion and everything else a gen-X everygal loves to dish about.

  • My Crisis of Comedy
    September 3, 2019
    In unfunny era, comedian talks me off the Ledge-of-No-Laughter [caption id="attachment_1204" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Pictured: Katie Goodman[/caption] All I ever really…
  • Pink Tax Got You Blue?
    August 12, 2019
    For Many Products, Women Pay More than Men What could I do with $64, 843? I could buy an all-wheel-drive…
  • Women Can’t Be Funny (Seriously)
    July 9, 2019
    Study Shows Women Using Humor at Work Seen as ‘Disruptive’ More women are running for president right now than ever…
  • Is GPS Rotting Our Brains?
    June 28, 2019
    There’s a maxim I like: All technology invented before you’re 35 is genius and makes life worth living — and…
  • Dog People Are Happier Than Cat People
    May 28, 2019
    Study Settles One Part of Age-Old Debate You may not like it. Heck, you may not even contribute to it.…

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