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June 23, 2011

Giving Birth: A Laughing Matter?

The truth is that women have shoddy choices when it comes to relief from childbirth pain. On the might-as-well-be-voodoo side, there's acupressure, massage, Lamaze breathing, and whirlpool tubs; on the wake-me-when-it's-over side is the block-it-all-to-hell epidural.

I realize these options far exceed those of our cave-dwelling ancestresses, who probably just bit down on a mammoth tusk and sucked it up. But in a world where we can now prevent pregnancy via pills, patches, shots, sponges, implants, caps, condoms, and "rings," why are our only childbirth choices numb-or-nothin'?

If nitrous oxide provides a much-needed middle ground — and a few unlikely chortles to boot — then it must be true what they say. Laughing gas really is the best medicine.

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