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July 30, 2009

Is Waxing Waning?

Not Even a Recession Can Keep Women from Waxing

Alisa Bowman, who pens the marriage blog ProjectHappilyEverAfter.com, first got waxed two years ago as a surprise for her husband. "But I got completely hooked," she said. "It's just incredibly sexy to look at — and no amount of feminism can bring me to say that about my former woolliness. It's also a lot more sensitive. It has completely changed my sex life."

There's a lot of loyalty between women and their waxers. It's a fact: Where there's pain, and privates, there's bonding.

"I have relationships with these women," said S.B. waxer Nina Lafuente, who's been offering discounts to longtime clients faced with financial cutbacks. "Women, we're cool with each other. We like to take care of one another."

S.B. esthetician Jamie Sprovieri said the recession hasn't affected her business at all. "In the Great Depression, the beauty industry went fairly unscathed," she said. "In times of crisis, people will do any little thing that makes them feel better: buying a tube of lipstick or taking a yoga class or getting your bikini waxed. It won't break the bank, and it makes you feel more confident."

She herself still gets regular waxes. And don't expect her to stop any time soon: "My husband is Brazilian."

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I can't wait to see the responses to this one!!! Apparently it's also gradually becoming popular with guys too. Maybe one day in the future no one will understand what the term short and curly is referring to any more? And adolescents will have to come up with a new threshhold to determine adulthood, pregnancy perhaps?
Lee Jenkinson

Wed, Aug , 10:12:58

Paying to have a stranger inflict pain in the pelt area that one can take care of painlessly on one's own makes about as much sense to me as cutting open one's breasts to enlarge them. Hopefully we'll never live in an Orwellian world that requires these practices of women. Thank goodness for the freedom of choice.
Meredith Brace

Thu, Aug , 07:51:51

Just think of all the pedophiles this has produced!
Chris Whitcraft

Thu, Aug , 09:57:43

Thanks for the primer & peek into the outer-workings, sort to speak.

I hope Mr. Whitcraft had a bad joke day. Loved the story & comments... .


Sat, Aug , 10:02:46

As a native Brazilian Esthetician I wax nearly 1,500 hairy creatures yearly. The Brazilian, as well as the "Boyziian" (men) is here to stay!
I have found that - if there is a waxing will, there is a way. Among all the trades I've been offered as payment, salmon steaks are by far my favorite

Thanks for the positive words!

Reny Ryan

Tue, Aug 11, 2009

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