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April 9, 2009

Notes from the Road

There's a fiendishly large hornet stuck to the windshield. It's been with us since the Golden State and gets uglier with each county we pass. The windshield wipers won't get near it, and we've got too many other problems to deal with: a temperamental battery, broken screen door, and rising tank of "blackwater." So we call the tenacious carcass our mascot and move on.

Sedona. The Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam. Most of what we see is amazing. The rest is amusing. The town of Winslow, Arizona, is so proud of its mention in the Jackson Browne/Glenn Frey song "Take It Easy" that it actually boasts a "Standin' on the Corner" Park. Its other claim to fame: "Gateway to the Petrified Forest."

And we're charmed. But we're spoiled, too.

Our RV park has cable hook-ups, but not the channel we want. The lack of a dishwasher has left my hands chapped. The damn radio doesn't work.

Then we visit Montezuma Castle, a kind of sleek ancient condo built into the side of the steep Arizona mountains. It's hard not to feel like a lazy slob while gazing up at the Sinagua Indians' sophisticated architectural achievement.

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You are a superior writer, bright Starshine. I want to write as well as you when I grow up.(:
PS your "word" below is very hard to read!

Betty Hatch

Thu, Apr 16, 2009

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