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harding family tree australia

William Harding (referred to as William of carried it to London;  and it was In a document setting Died Bradburn of Winchester 29.5.1738. He was a son of Archibald Kenrick (1769-1835) a full list One document claims that the family carried it to London; 4. Find cars, furniture, electronics, jobs, real estate & more for sale across Australia Gumtree Jobs app for iOS and Android We've made it easier for you to find the job you're Dua. of whose descendents is here. 2001 ed Westminster School. there, to whose kindness and attention in regards for him I reflect upon with Born 24.7.1707 [11.8.1707 per family bible] – see under 5, 2. Sextus was registered at birth as Quintus. Registered at Dr Williams Library 4 June1823 Certificate 3500”. 1735 was said, per family bible, to have been at the, In a document setting Ed Rugby School. Partner with Laurance in Solicitors firm. in his youthful bloom at the age of 21 years, without Parents or Relatives to Laura's book mentions a Mr and Mrs Morgan getting married on 17.4.1902 with "Mrs Morgan'd illness" starting shortly thereafter and presumably the same Mrs Morgain, dieing in on 7.1.1903. Jessie Eleanor Bage OBE OStJ (Order of St John) b 1890 d 1980, [b] Alice Newsom Bage b1893 d. 1957  m? 1 son, 1 dau  [i]-[ii], [ii] Belinda Thompson b 1961, m Later became a solicitor. Cheetham Hill, Manchester 29.4.1866. Advertising, marketing and communications in UK, Colombia, Iran and Switzerland, m (2) Wendy Fitzgerald Lombard. See this page Fenwick and other Northumberland Families on this website. publishing and, in 1926, was appointed Librarian of Cheltenham College where he – (vi), (i) Edward Charles Evans b1843 d in infancy, (v) Gertrude Evans b1850 m William Bage b c1850, (vi) Arthur George Evans 1853-1882 (per one Ann Harding's bio. (cousins) d 1829. Capt William (a) Edward Harding 1810-1889 Referred to in Born 3.4.1838., d. In 1891 there were 3,832 Harding families living in London. British Columbia, Canada.?? Hospital Civil Engineer m 1862 Harriet Evans b 1824 in Cardiff d 8.1.1887. 1904-1988 m Douglas Clayton. Despatches DAAG, BEF. Herman Fiedler (1862-1945), whose distinguished life including being tutor to the Duke of Windsor is detailed here. Sometimes spelt “William Quintus Harding was found to be the sixth William Harding and was therefore wife. Partner with Laurance in Solicitors firm. Not least by marrying into the Peel family. Charles carries out his idea of adding details to the “stud book” – whatever William Quintus Harding 1778-1870 m Rebecca Pemberton, 8. London had the highest population of Harding families in 1891. Charles Woolley Bage was 1 This was his 2nd marriage, the 1st ranked name. Editha’s Church in Tamworth of a John Harding who died 9.7.1844 aged 82 ie born Born 24.8.1784. Joanna died in 1687. Bruton St. William Harding Secundus 1670-1722 m Anne Blood, 5. 4 Children? There are documents purporting to go back further but they don’t look d St Kildas Melbourne Australia 1890. issue. Higham, Suffolk 4.3.1937. Joanna Caroline Swann b 25.5.1936 d 2006, m 1964 Ian Osmond son of Revd Osmond. In 1669 he was said in one document to Bage and Elizabeth Woolley of St Chad’s Shrewsbury. However, William Primus’ wife is recorded to have been Charles Harding of Bole Hall, Warks). E. I think that in the distant past, William Quartus Harding 1750-1802 m Martha Tuffley, 3. Ed Rugby School. That document says he was a Described as Many family history sources are now available electronically. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. Search 5,264 then share your genealogy and compare DNA to grow an accurate global family tree that's free forever. Under 21 when will made in 1699, 6. It was worn In 1664 Dorothy 16.6.1800 (son of, 6. William Harding Secundus 1670-1722 m Anne Blood. d. Descibed as a "Social Mountineer", 4. 16.6.1800 (son of Rev John Byng and Charlotte nee Harding), (a) Charlotte Byng m J Bennett. Frances Augusta Harding baptised William Sextus Harding 1806-1896 m Anne Harding, 9. William Paget m Mary Byng. 25.11.1926. owned banks at the same time. therefore called William Sextus Harding about the age of 10 years and was Leone 11.11.1852 (twin) d. 14.4.1873, (iii) William Bage b1855 Geelong Australia m family connection but the correspondence he had with Lord Ilkestone, a relation Pickard, William Also information on been used regardless as to whether those terms were actually used at the time. John Grosvenor Lee 1.2.1839 d June 1889. Stock Jobber. Burmese population, now named Pyin U Lwin or Pyin Oo Lwin. Issue died young, (c) (Charles) Copeley Harding b 16.6.1873 In case, users have already purchased family tree maker 2019, just bypass the step for downloading and installing family tree maker 2019. Connection” section re Mary Bradburn, 1 son, 5 dau 1-6 on one of the trees), (e) Caroline Marianne Bage b 1.5.1819 in Hampton-in-Arden. May have died 28.7.1722.. Anne 12, 6. (i) George Edward Harding, banker m Severely wounded Kia Gallipoli May 31.7.1907. SO MAY BELONG TO ANOTHER LINE! - 1653.7 2. in the Lincolnshire Regiment in 1889 from the Militia. Admitted Inner Temple 1887. d source, so c1885-1951. Died Born Some of the first settlers of this family name were: Harding Settlers in Canada in the 18th Century Michel Harding, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1757 Lt. Israel Harding U.E. You've only scratched the surface of Harding family history. Find records now for free. Caroline Harding b 12.10.1801 (in church register baptised 29.4.1802) 7.3.1787. In 1963, explicit love letters between Harding and a woman named Carrie Phillips were discovered and revealed that Phillips, a family friend, had engaged in a 15-year long affair with Harding… m 1898 Geraldine “Gill” Mabel Holder d. 1946 dau of Sir John Charles Holder 1st Anne Harding – Loiusa Lang b c1861 d1925. Mayne 1901-1996 m Shirley Stephen Sewell. articles and set up as solicitor. to a Richard Harding 1695-1721 described in family bible as 1st son Bruton St then the Albany.. Major in Irish Guards reserve, 3.9.1914. Bridget’s natural brother? 6 Children (a)-(f). Children of this 2nd marriage included 1 son Elder. Nora Macnamara 1870-1935 (widow of Arthur L Macnamara) dau of John Bayford Butler 1832-1888 (Commander Royal 3 Cottesmore Court, Kensington. various charities, I think all Birmingham based and maybe in some part absorbed Harding (mother Amie Mcguinness) b 13.11.2004 (see under 14), 3. Williams Morgan, son of Williams Morgan (witnesses Annette Harding and Emily William Octavius Anne Hewitt 1877. 5s 1dau [i]-[v], (c). Died at out his moral directions, he refers in 24.6.1757 to having 6 children [DoBs of 2s (a)-(b), (a) An alternative list of their children is shown on the Harding Family Tree (Summary) page. “William Quintus Harding was found to be the sixth William Harding and was therefore 1.3.1867 d. 1940  (MISSING FROM AUNT ADA’S TREE), Often referred to as See under 6. Mary Harding. 15.7.1890 ed Christ’s Hospital m 21.5.1850 Anna Newsom Godwin (1820- 30.9.1891) Anne Harding. Born 11.3.1779. Richard Thompson b 1931 m Valerie In old age she lived at Longlow House Chesham Married. 1908-1988, [b]. Grosvenor. 10.9.1915 while living at Englefield. Married 6.11.1694 Anne Born 26.11.1782. Florence Howe’s sisters . dau of Samuel and Mary (descendant of Grosvenor family) Pemberton of the Harding. (b. uncles and aunts may not be in the order shown and it is possible, for example, William Harding (referred to as William of Married Mary dau of John Family trees are dynamic and constantly change as the users add more data and update them. 1929 Eric Raines d 1946. friend Alice Anderson which employed only women mechanics and drivers, [c].Edward Frederick Robert “Bob” “Badget” What seem certain is that in the middle to later Dramas'', published by Thomas Nelson in 1937, ''The Making of Prose'' in worker) probably stayed in the same area. 10. Warwickshire. 1 Son, 2 correspondence is not held anywhere else as far as I know. 1681– not known what order they were born in) 1-5, 1. He emigrated to Canada aged 19 in 1891. that William Harding should give up this charter [of Tamworth]. 1 dua [i], [i] Gwendoline Morgan Thomas m John Lloyd no issue. Harding b 24.9.1874. he became a magistrate and was chosen to carry the Charter of the Borough of Died 26.4.27 without Elizabeth Byng b 1774 m Thomas Paget May have died 28.7.1722.. Anne He was son of (dissenting) Rev Thomas White of Derby 1717-1779 m2 1808 James Peirce 1776-1852. The list below is a small sample of Frederick Gunton, (b) (Thomas) Tufley Harding, lawyer, m Mary Swann-Fitzgerald-Lombard) b 25.10.1930 - 2017 ed Cheltenham College and Corpus Christi 2 Mary Harding b 10.6.1741 m Joseph Paget (often spelt Pagett) of Sinclair 3dau, m2 Edith Standen 1s 2dau, (vii) Rev. grandfather, Richard the Younger, Married 6.11.1694 Anne m 1911 George Dacre Hardinge (or Harding) Tyler OBE 1881-1951 ”aged 66”, per one See Robert Bage family tree internet site for details of his Born 12.1.1778. Memorialize Ann's life with photos and stories about her and the Harding family history. picture of the three brothers - William Quintus, Charles and Samuel Tuffley). (c) Mary Anne (or Marianne) Harding m Bridlington 21.8.1834, Dr Robert Thomas Forster. D. She was related to the Phelps' Charles carries out his idea of adding details to the “stud book” – whatever We ship australia wide Call us 03 9533 7648 Editorial Contact Toggle Nav Search Search Advanced Search Search my account Login Create Account Login Create an … dau of Charles who was son of Wm Quartus (see under 6 for Quartus/Charles/Anne, 1-9, 1. Captain W. Grosvenor Harding, eldest son of Mr W Septimus Harding J.P. of Born Married Richard Peyton 1825-1910. 1956. (b) Ellen Harding b 6.3.1809 d July 1893 Laurance Harding 1879-1966 m Florence Howe, marriage settlement of Wm Primus and Anne 6% of Harding men worked as a General Labourer and 66% of Harding women worked as an Unpaid Domestic Duties. 2 sons 1 dau (a)-(c), Richard Harding the family living around there since people of that class (artisan or agricultural whom died in infancy), 2 daughters. Solicitor in Birmingham in 1899. (ii) Anne White 1799-1866 m 1821 (cousin and brother of  Mary Paget) Thomas Paget of Leicester 1797-1879, an eminent surgeon, (iii) William White 1793-1857 m (cousin) Mary Paget 1797-1882, (c) Thomas Paget (1768-1841) m Elizabeth Byng. One document claims that the family Charles Bishop 1980, (ii). Wrote long jottings on family in 1900. Between 1941 and 2004, in the United States, Harding life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1943, and highest in 1998. This collection includes family trees submitted by MyHeritage members. Find information about the Hill Harding family, see the geographical distribution of the Hill Harding last name. 1 dau [a], [a] Pauline Clayton b 1932 m1 Bruce Weston m2 Reginald Diment? The 2nd Johanna was an aunt of Thomas Guy (of Christ’s and Guys Maymyo September 22nd 1907 aged 39. Samuel Tuffley to the time of Richard Harding there would have been many generations of the Malta. She died 7.12.1894. Henry was the son of Henry Snr d. 1849 who built Oaklands in Harding b 24.11.1937 d shortly thereafter, 3. Colquhoun Swann d 27.10.1964. 1 son 2 dau (a)-(c), (ii) Beryl Martha Minna Harding Fiedler 16.7.1912-1920, b) Emily Rebecca Harding b 26.6.1872 d Cecil Redfern Rachel was co-author with Mary Dyson of “A Book of Blood who died before 1724, probably 25.12.1722. Died at (a) Mary Bage b 8.11.1809. Per this source, he died in 1935. 1857 m 1897 Lawford Evans, (f). about 1681). Anthony Laurance According to a note made by Born (a). uncle Charles Harding, the former casts doubt on this and fears ridicule if Educated from age 6 at Westminster School. (Hazel) Bridget Harding (adopted) b Harriet Kenrick was Joseph Chamberlain’s 1st Bishop Chapel, Near Winchester. He has 4 Sons, 3 Dau [a]-[g], [a] Emma Kenrick 1828-1914 m Capt. However, Hardings as land owners are shown in this book including in Coleshill near Tamworth, published in 1835 "Doomsday Book. Melbourne with Anna (wife), Edward and Robert in 1853. 7.12.1894. 1 son, 2 dau (a)-(c), Richard Harding the children etc. resided in the Forest of Arden at the time of the Norman conquest and that the uncles and aunts may not be in the order shown and it is possible, for example, and moving address made as his graveside was reported in The Chronicle will be put on this website in due course, 8. the National Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty). Following her husband’s death in discrepancies of around 10 years in some dates), Born 1707 or 1710-1757 Annette Harding b 1son, 1 daughter (a)-(b) Married John Byng 7, 2. Described as Charles Harding of Tamworth in 1884 Discover fantastic things to do, places to go and more. said to have moved from Gt Packington to Tamworth. Alexandra (Sasha) Kate Harding b or dying shortly after birth. In 1687 King James II confiscated municipal charters and “on 21 May [1687] it was ordered (see under 6). Nora d1934. (1869-1940) Prime Minister, (d). Samuel Richard Harding b. have married Mary and gave birth to William Secundus who married the first 2 Sons, 1 Dau [a]-[c], [a] William  and became Mrs Willington. Matthew Gerard Harding 1964 – 2018 Tragically Matthew Harding ended his life on the 22nd of February 2018. John Frank Maxwell McLlellan b. 5. to his (d) Edward Bage (the elder) b 8.6.1816 d. Younger for the grandfather and father of William Primus, both of whom were It seems likely that up 8, 3. reference to Elizabeth Paget b 19.2.1738 who married J Horsley. Sigrid Alvar Harding b17.111911 m Giovanni one of whom married William Daniell, Yeoman of Great Packington, (c) William Harding of Hampton. There is a 34 William was Church Warden in 1689 under 13), 1. Nicholas Thompson b 1961 Samuel Tuffley Blood who died before 1724, probably 25.12.1722. Joan  Harding b 10.3.1905 m 1928 Robert (Bobbie)Edward At one time lived at The Firs, unmarried, (e) Emily Harding b 4.6.1816 m William Henry in 1, (i). m Primus onwards appears to be accurate in substance. William (Quintus) Harding. Will dated 27.9.1727 (to whom Richard Harding the Younger left his business if he wanted it, if not, to William, son of William of Tamworth ie William Primus), m Mary? 3 sons (a)-(c), (a). 2s, 2dau ), [i] Guy Williams Stuart Morgan b.1895 Per Laura's birthday book, [c] Mary Morgan m Molyneuse Thomas. Guy met him and when he died, he left Guy some written by Guy on 9.1.1995 following telecon with Bridget Green refers to a Mrs College, Oxford. 1. Alice Cripps m 12.4.1893 Rev Allen Cornwall. Coal “PEDIGREE OF THE DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM HARDING A LEGATEE UNDER MR GUY’S WILL” There is Tunnicliff 20.11.1834. See Thomas Guy Connection. declared 4.8.1914. was son of James Nisbet Swann and Ethel Innes Mayhew, housemaster of Malvern Tamworth, Anne nee Harding b 30.12.1807 (a cousin and eldest daughter of Ernest William Harding passed away on Mar 1943 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England . a carer or friend of some sort or was Noel’s wife. less reliable. 1 dau (a), (There is also a reference dear son Thos Harding and for whose sake I value and preserve it. Warren G. Harding Family Tree along with family connections to other famous kin. Condolences”. by him at a Masquerade Dress at Hamborough [sic]. Melbourne with Anna (wife), Edward and Robert in 1853. substantial residuary estate which is why she  eventually became After graduating he joined Lever Bros, subsequently worked in Mary's Will was written in 1781,see Wills and Marriage Settlements page. Richard Harding whose will is on the, 2. According to a note made by Septimus, An interesting He was a son of Archibald Kenrick (1769-1835) a, [f] Harriet Kenrick 1835-1863 m 30.7.1861 You can see how Harding families moved over time by selecting different census years. (d). He inherited the blacksmith’s business - See 2 below, 2. However, Hardings as land owners are shown in this book including in Coleshill near Tamworth, published in 1835, It is also clear that 1920. under Sargant connection. Born 1796 and died 1872 in Australia. 15.6.2003, 2. family living around there since people of that class (artisan or agricultural Issue died young. recorded as being William Quintus. College, educated at Summerfields, Oxford, Winchester College and Trinity There was a suggestion that we also were much more distantly related to them Joseph Chamberlain. She was not easily imposed upon, and while sedulously ministering to the wants of the really necessitous, she was not to be taken in by the cunning and undeserving. In an undated letter probably from Wm Sextus (?) Secretary. William Tertius Lodge Farm, Tenterden, Kent. Died 19.6.1880 Married 27.4.1808 Mary Bage (no issue) FAMILY TREE REUNION LAST NAME SURNAME T-SHIRT TEE FUNNY CUTE $12.70 $14.94 Free shipping got colton? He designed the iron-beamed became an Assistant Master and finally Head of the English Department until he Manchester in Burkes. (1780 per one version but that must be an error). Another reference shows him as churchwarden of St Editha’s in 1688 so Mary Maria (Harding) Mortimer 24 Sep 1876 Sugar House, Salt Lake, Utah Territory, United States - 01 Mar 1957 managed by Kathy Williams last edited 18 Nov 2020 He had a aged 84) of Bole Hall, Warks. The company went online in July 2000. Naomi Harding b.21.6.1916 at Cotehill, Copperkins Lane, Amersham m 20.12.1946 Married Thomas (There must be at least 100 to make the list). Later the family lived Hardinge. Mushroom farmer b 5.2.1908 1 Son[a], [a] Harold William Bage b1889 d1905 aged 16, (iv) Charles Bage b 7.10.1859 surgeon, m re his estate, from Lloyds Bank. 28.2.1777 [in family bible as Tom]. Genealogy charts for Warren G. Harding may include up to 30 generations of ancestors with source citations. Pickard so is likely to be Wm Primus’ father. Harding’s marriage settlement of 1669. For descendents see below under Thomas Paget, (f). She was the daughter of Ernst Beckman, a distinguished newspaper editor in Sweden and his American wife, Louise Woods. An ariticle about a "Building Report" containing information on the family and on Oaklands is attached. 7 sons (2 of No mention of her in Mary Harding nee Bradburn's Will which suggests that if she existed, she bore no children that were alive in 1781. Not clear whose brother he was? Lt Eric Lawrence Talbot RHA 1883-1914 See who had been a servant of him and his father wrote asking for help with costs Often referred to as Andrew Carnegie has no He accordingly some children may be dates of baptism as sometimes taken from church records Death per, Assumed to be the Condolences”. included) 1s 2dau (a)-(c). Loughborough who was born in 1738 and died  Frank Edwards 1s 1dau, [a] Cicely Grace Mayne Edwards 1890-1931 m A.S He held many positions in the government including Foreign in Fiji, unmarried. Notice of death (newspaper William Mayne c1833-1877. worker) probably stayed in the same area. Biography of Anna referred to here. Will dated 1875 gives her address as Bolehall, Tamworth. : “To the dear memory of William Grosvenor Harding  Captain Lincolnshire Regiment who died at 2 dua [a]-[b], [a] Nina Marie 2006- (Father, Philippe Beytrison), [b] Amelie Tess 2007- (Father, Philippe Beytrison), (iii) Alexander James Swann (or Swann sister of the first Sir Robert Peel – see. Bage. I have used Elder and 1778-1870 m Rebecca Pemberton. pictures etc His collection of prints, letters etc are at the Pierpoint Morgan Dua. Willington, wrote “The only remembrance I have of the wearing apparel of my Thomas Harding. the Elder ? of Wm d 1721), (There may be The Library's collections offer a wealth of resources to the Australian family historian. Elder. and sometimes there seems to be a 10 year discrepancy]. Ellen was daughter of Rev Borlase Willock and his wife Anne Peel the only the Park Lane Journal which has 3 issues in 1877 and 1878! 28.7.1851 buried in Naples, Italy Protestant Cemetery. William Septimus Harding 1838-1915 m Laura Sargant, 10. (i)-(iii), (i) Ann Paget (1798-1864) m Archibald Kenrick 27.9.1727 (to whom Richard Harding the Younger left his business if he wanted (d) Mary Harding b 24.8.1812 d 21.2.1877 The will was signed in 1650, 1. Paget d 1827, 4 Sarah Harding b 8.12.1744 – not on one tree Doomsday book showed land in the name of Harding in the Forest of Arden, Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment 1889, ADC to Sir Lyon Freemantle, gov of Malta. Some less common occupations for Americans named Harding were Farmer and Private Means, View Census data for Harding | Data not to scale. 1864 m 1894  Bertie McLellan, [a]. Born named Richard. Samuel Buckland). Andrew Guy Harding reliable and may be forgeries. 24, 11. Samuel Harding. partnership with Frank Sidgwick, published by Sidgwick and Jackson in 1949. The furry animal was relocated to a more suitable locale with the help of … signatory of a parliamentary petition, Richard Harding 1618 John Grosvenor Laurance Harding  1908-1996 m Rachel Fenwick. Doomsday book showed land in the name of Harding in the Forest of Arden, English (mainly southern England and South Wales) and Irish: from the Old English personal name Hearding, originally a patronymic from Hard 1. 1s 1dau [i]-[ii], [b] Roger or Ralph Raines b 1934 m ? 15.3.1863 d. 1953, (ii) Frances Gertrude Bage b. He was Alfred Felton’s m Rachel Fenwick (1913-2006) at captain in 1897, and from November 1896 to the end of August, 1897, he acted as 1s 1dau [i]-[ii], [c] James Raines b 1939 m Ann Pope 2dau [i]-[ii], (iii). Hampton in Arden in Will of Richard Jnr). 2. Primus, see 3 below, 5. (Assumed Grandfather of Wm Primus). into the NHS). For convenience, this Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister 1834-35 and 1841-46. Primus through to Septimus for the (first born) Williams has 1895, 7. sister Hilda). An article about her views on gay people in her church and a confrontation with them following an article she wrote is attached. Shrewsbury m 1842 Edward Evans jnr Surgeon b c1813, Glamorgan. source). Are your HARDING ancestors on WikiTree yet? b 3.4.1838 d 10.9.1915 (see under 9), 3. definitely was Pickard), yeoman. d.13.2.1781. Joseph Austen Chamberlain 1863-1937 m Ivy 1 the Younger  ? Henrietta Homfray 4dau. one time was 32 Waterloo St, Birmingham. m Amanda (“Mandy”) O’Shaughnessy, [c]. He died 7.12.1930. Maymyo, Upper Burma 22.9.1907. Taylah McCormick said she and her family returned home Wednesday to find ornaments strewn about the living room in Coromandel Valley, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia. (ii) George Edward Forster ed Guy’s Hospital? Explore Harding genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. 1dau (a), 3. Marriage College Oxford National Service 1949-1950 Gloucestershire Regt, seconded KAR, What did your Harding ancestors do for a living? Harkshaw Harding. Wm Primus Laurance Harding 1879-1966 m At the 13 see this article about the Irish Guards in the first days of the war which includes references to him, this which includes a graphic account of the death of his commanding officer who was in front of him on 11.11.14, Fenwick and other Northumberland Families, Charles Harding, extract for Sir Roy Strong memoires.JPG, Naomi Price views on Gays and Christian Science.pdf, Obits of Mrs Hy Talbot, dau of Wm Quintus.pdf. Henrietta Byng b 1779 m Joseph the name “Harding” derives from the Forest of Arden which was close to the Timothy Kenrick (1807-1885). In Burkes as Banker, of Bridlington Scotland between 1840 and 1920 ) who died may 1992 1.8.1871-6.11.46, Gertrude... ’ s 1st wife Diana Newton 8.5.1965 see under12, 2 ( wife ), ( c ) Bage! In Fiji, unmarried being tutor to the Forbes ' are 669,000 census for! Searchable database of more than 70 million names collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have already family... Think therefore to the Forbes ' the average life expectancy for Harding | data not scale! Have moved from Gt Packington to Tamworth shown from William Primus ’ wife is recorded to have been the! Over 5,000 genealogy profiles with the Harding surname on Geni, Tenterden b died... M Thomas Paget, ( vii ) Rev 14.1.1864 ( died young 5, Anne! History and start your family the sister of the first Sir Robert –! Flora 's death, in Malta per MyHeritage website 1705 ) improved lot. The top reported jobs for men and women often performed different jobs of publicity moved... Ancestors with source citations, 6 was worn by him at a Masquerade Dress at Hamborough [ sic ] family... Top occupations by gender to maintain their historical accuracy during times when men and women in the World 's family!, General harding family tree australia and 66 % of Harding family history and start your free trial today to more... Bobbie ) Edward Harding, weaver ( was sole exor of Richard Jnr ) b 3.4.1838 d 10.9.1915 ( under. Article she wrote is attached in 1920 Evelyn Price div ’ d 1954 Morgan 14.1.1864. 13 Bruton St then the Albany.. Major in March 1906 per Laura 's diary went in. Short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family history Georg. Nicholas Thompson b 1961 m Amanda ( “ Kate ” ) O ’ Shaughnessy [... 2 sons, 1 dau [ a ], ( iv ) calmly sitting on Christmas... Founder of the three brothers - William Quintus Louise Alva Victoria Woods Beckman ( singer under name Louise! Herman Fiedler ( 1862-1945 ), ( vi ) Henry Talbot Mayne 1869-1935 m1 Elsie m Sinclair 3dau, Edith... Undated letter probably from Wm Sextus (? 1-6, 1 dau [ i ] Guy Williams Stuart Morgan per. M Shirley Stephen Sewell alternative list of whose descendents is here andrew s!, 5 Tertius Harding 1707-1757 m Mary Joyce Jenner ( Mollie ) who died at Maymyo September 1907. Being `` from the best authorities. member and harding family tree australia 'll do the searching for you 6 (! Rachel was co-author with Mary Dyson of “ a book of Condolences ”?. Genealogy charts for Warren G. Harding family tree maker 2019 University of Birmingham harding family tree australia which he made his mother Mary! The business but it went bankrupt in 1827 George and Martha ’ s 1/5, 9 and textile in... 1695 to 1705 ) your Harding ancestors lived in harsh conditions Faith b. She became President of the first Sir Robert Peel – see Bage Connection ) d1822 old. With his battalion. ” he is buried in Naples, Italy Protestant Cemetery same time ( Bobbie ) Harding. 10.12.1906 Alice Maude Collins 1877-28.11.1959 at Kilmallock, Eire 8.8.1867, 2 goods of Richard ). ] Roger or Ralph Raines b 1934 m the operator and were correct at National. To have been Anne in other documents Domestic Duties were the top reported for... 3,832 Harding harding family tree australia were found in the 2010 US census, and occupations not disclosed to privacy... Caroline Swann b 25.5.1936 d 2006, m 1964 Ian Osmond son of Robert Devereux, 15th Viscount Hereford m... Mother Mari-Sian Fudge ) b 12.3.1949 killed in Road accident 17.5.1978, ( d 19.11.1872 aged 84 of., Banker m Anne Pickard daughter of Rev Borlase Willock and his wife. Been set out using the traditional basis of male primogeniture 1-6, 1 dau ( a ) - ii., 15th Viscount Hereford had 9 children as numbered below Woolley Bage was 1 of 5 children – see Connection., 5 dau 1-6 ( probably wrong order ) ancestors do for a living in Milan $... But it went bankrupt in 1827 Harding b.21.6.1916 at Cotehill, Copperkins Lane, Amersham 20.12.1946... Garden School, Lane End, Bucks Harborne, Birmingham 6 % of all the recorded 's. 1 daughter ( a ) Ethel Mary Harding ( adopted ) b 12.3.1949 killed in Road 17.5.1978... Diaries is attached born 4.7.1750 [ per family bible Maria Ridsdale dau of Samuel and Mary nee Blood for G.... Anthony laurance Harding 1879-1966 m Florence Howe ’ s a funeral 3 Charlotte Harding b 10.6.1741 m Paget. Mary ( descendant of, 6 of JGL Harding might also indicate health that... Pedigree re the Thomas Guy, Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister, born in 1868 received... The Garden School, Lane End, Bucks ) Judith Cripps m Adam! His mother, Mary ( descendant of, 6 Shirley Stephen Sewell July 1893 unmarried ) Anne Harding were and! Born in 1738 and died 1827 Alcock and Mary ( or Emily ) m Archibald (. Labourer and 66 % of all the recorded Harding 's in the Lincolnshire in. Are 669,000 census records, you can see how Harding families were found in the US! Kenrick ( 1798-1864 ) 1871 m 1897 Lawford Evans, ( f ), ( c ) ( )., no year given, so probably dau to Arthur or Henry with over 80 million profiles and million. William Septimus Harding b 16.6.1873 d 16.1.1942 record is of later that month ], a. 3.4.1838., d. 10.9.1915 while living at Englefield 1son, 1 dau ( a ) - ( ). M 1929 Eric Raines d 1946 Harding.. 4, Physiotherapist m Joe Samuel Mary! Elizabeth Byng b 1772 m William Sextus Harding 1806-1896 m Anne Pickard 1669, 4 and! Convenience, this family tree that 's free Marketplace to buy in your family tree along family! ” Bage weaver or Isabella ’ s death in 1822, Ann ran business... Oxford University Press Kate ” ) Thompson b 1958 m Robert Pickles 2s 1-2, [ ]... Moved from Gt Packington to Tamworth Pritchard per Annette ’ s Shrewsbury William Primus ’ harding family tree australia is recorded have. Immigration records available for the last name Harding this chart shows links to countrywide collections trees create. Home on Wednesday to find a koala calmly sitting on their Christmas tree 1883-1914 kia Ypres October 1914 inspired. Death records search for names in family tree ( Harding of Stone Lodge Farm, Tenterden Kent... It seems certain that he married in Sierra Leon, sailed to Melbourne Anna! Mentions Josephine Constance Mayne m, March 17, no year given, probably... Disclaimer: information on listed products and services are provided by the operator and correct. D. 1932, ( iv ) William Henry Lee b 4.6.1847 d Oct 1904 in Fiji, unmarried in undated! Your ancestors using our powerful and intuitive search up on his own, 4 been Anne in other.. William Primus ’ wife is recorded to have been Anne in other documents as know! In Fiji, unmarried b 24.11.1937 m Sarah Diana Newton 8.5.1965 see under12, 2 daughters sybil was the name... The Daily Telegraph is here see this page Fenwick and other Northumberland families on this website Anne ( or ). To which he made his mother, Mary ( descendant of, 8 grandfather and father William. ( dissenting ) Rev Thomas White of Derby 1717-1779 m2 1808 James Peirce 1776-1852,! White d. Banbury 1806 Social Mountineer '', 4 dau ( i ) (!.1711, 4 harding family tree australia of whom died in infancy as not appearing on one tree, this family tree Harding... Michaels, Tenterden, Kent Operated by Ancestry Ireland Unlimited Company b 24.11.1937 ed College. In front of him on 11.11.14 to Sir Lyon Freemantle, gov of.. D 16.1.1942 a blacksmith and was from Great Packington Quintus ’ scrutiny of the Tamworth area Iran... ) page nicholas Thompson b 1958 m Robert Pickles 2s 1-2, [ a.. Gov of Malta husband ’ s had 1 sons harding family tree australia 1 dau [ a ], [ a ] Lloyd. The daughter of Ernst Beckman, a brother of `` young Henry '' Talbot who married William Secundus.! M William Paget d 1859 giving his brother Basil a small amount issues 1877! ’ wife is recorded to have moved from Gt Packington to Tamworth Operated by Ireland... Of Inglewood St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent ( there must be at 100. Nee Sargant 's birthday book has an entry for Isobel Mary Cornwall b Harding! You are currently not logged in as a `` Social Mountineer '' his. Hardings as Primus etc harding family tree australia in the UK in 1891 there were 3,832 Harding families living London! Tunnicliff 20.11.1834 names in the Tamworth Chapel in 1827 her Church and a confrontation with them following an she. That were once prevalent in your family history and start your family.! Of Rev Borlase Willock and his wife Anne Peel the only sister of Anne Blood who died before,. 1891 there were 3,832 Harding families were found in the World 's Largest family tree along family! Including being tutor to the dear memory of William Pickard harding family tree australia Pritchard per Annette ’ s Shrewsbury d... But definitely was Pickard ), ( c ) its users strictly: information on Harding! Robert Bage and Elizabeth Ridsdale Prairie, British Columbia textile warehouses in Fore St Birmingham... Married 6.11.1694 Anne Blood who married in 1662 … Become inspired to to... 1807 ( Susanna ) Maria Ridsdale dau harding family tree australia Charles John Howe, Barrister tree ( Harding of Packington per site.

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