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eu4 religious war

The War of Religion in the Empire has ended in victory for the Evangelical Union. Allies can be directed to siege particular provinces. Without Emperor, there are no reform types, and only eight reforms are available: Reichsreform, Reichsregiment, Hofgericht, Gemeiner Pfennig, Landfriede, Erbkaisertum, Privilegia, Renovatio Imperii. Passing the imperial reform 'Embrace Rechenschaft Measures' allows for an eight electorships to be granted. It seems to compare the threat level and relative strength of one particular nation that it feels threatened by, which need to be greater than 300-(2*(HRE Imperial Authority)) for threat level (maximum 400) and less than (HRE Imperial Authority)/2 for relative strength (as a percentage). A nation may add provinces to the HRE if the provinces are in Europe, border a HRE province via land connection or shared sea tile, and the nation 1) is the Emperor, or 2) is a member of the HRE and the Emperor has an opinion of it of at least 100, or 3) is a non-member of the HRE and the Emperor has an opinion of it of at least: For example, in 1444 Venice has 147 development. A religious war or holy war (Latin: bellum sacrum) is a war primarily caused or justified by differences in religion.In the modern period, debates are common over the extent to which religious, economic, or ethnic aspects of a conflict predominate in a given war. The Emperor suffers a relations hit (−25 which is cumulative) with other Princes with the heretic religions of all denominations. This can happen lategame if all member states have converted to non-Catholic religions but the AI did not start the League War, leading to a Catholic emperor without eligible electors. Very importantly, Reforms cannot be enacted while the HRE is in a state of religious war (i.e. Also should the North Italian region not be entirely in the HRE by 1490 the Italian states will leave through the "Shadow Kingdom" event. CB- Support rebels CB. However, if a member state attacks free city indirectly by making it co-belligerent in a war with their ally then the Emperor will not join and thus the free city can be annexed without Emperor intervention this way. Declare an embargo against [lubeck_trade_power.GetName]. I control most of Northern Germany and about 80% of the HRE is Protestant. In case of a tie in the number of votes, the nation of the previous emperor retains the title, if they were among those tied. An Italian country is considered under control for Shadow Kingdom incident if it has lost any war against the emperor, or it is allied to the emperor, or it has an opinion of 150 toward the emperor, or it is a subject of the emperor, or it is a free city. An example is the Teutonic Order in 1444 which needs 149 relations with Austria to join, if Austria guarantees them and asks for military access they can still only reach 145 relations and will not be interested in joining, but once the event fires for them to sell their hre province back to Brandenburg, the relations requirement will drop down to 144, which is achievable and they will start working towards joining. AI electors weight candidates according to the following criteria (non-exhaustive list), although an AI elector with the backing of another elector will vote for itself regardless, as will an elector with a "strategic interest [in] becoming emperor" (although the conditions for this are not explicitly stated). Many of our predecessors on the Imperial throne have failed to assert their authority over the Kingdom of Italy. Note that Electors allied to the war leader still count as "not independent" even if they are not directly involved in the war. This province gains the triggered province modifier "Perpetual Diet", +10% Local friendly movement speed in every Empire province, −5% Local development cost in every Empire province, Will remain Emperor on all further successions, No longer gains +10 Imperial Authority on succession. It can only be demanded after a religion is set in the HRE, meaning that if the Peace of Westphalia is signed, this option will be permanently locked, but will be available after 1635 if the League Wars are never triggered for example (see Religious Leagues). The Emperor needs at least 50 Authority to pass a reform and the consensus of at least half of the members of the Empire. Princes who support the reform become vassals of the Emperor. While the Emperor can demand unlawful territory while you are at war (not with him), AI-controlled Emperors don't seem to do so, Decline and take the penalties and Imperial Casus Belli, Take and core the province when the Emperor is at war. Attacking (in no particular order) the 3 countries that have been listed above will keep the player's army and navy tradition high and allow him/her to recruit better and better generals as time progresses. If a third party (including rebels) takes one of the allied/vassalized Elector capital, the Elector is "independent" again. If done right, uniting the HRE can be fun and rewarding, and will additionally net the player the "A Kaiser not just in name" achievement if playing on Ironman. The Pragmatic Sanction, solemnly rendered by Emperor $EMPERORNAME$ on [GetDateText], established the indivisability of his lands and established succession by order of first born child, even to a woman. Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. if Holland is the emperor, Holland can form the Netherlands without leaving the HRE). Depending on choices made, the player may only see some of these events. It also has Naxos and Corfu as vassals and their development is 6 and 9 respectively. They were usually promoted by smaller members and the Emperor, and opposed by Empire's electors and more powerful members. So it requires (100 + 72 + 13 + 53+ 45 + 34 = ) 317 opinion from the Emperor, ergo Burgundy can only join the HRE after losing some provinces and/or subjects. He had the power to intercede in the wars and affairs of the member states of the Empire. Since vassal's development counts equally, releasing provinces to vassals can not help in adding provinces or joining the HRE. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.28. EU4 Cheats is a searchable list of all EU4 Console Commands for the lastest version on Steam (PC and Mac). AI is 10 times more likely to choose this option if one of the following is true: AI is 1000 times more likely to choose this option if it has enacted, AI will always choose this option if the strongest trade power in the Lübeck. For console use, Jain's name is jainism. So it requires (100 + 73 + 3 + 4 = ) 180 opinion from the Emperor to join. Subject military focus. It considered itself to be the spiritual successor state to the Roman Empire, even though throughout the majority of its existence it never directly controlled Papal Rome (and also despite, up to 1453, the continued existence of the Eastern Roman Empire and until the late 15th century of various Byzantine holdout states such as Trebizond, Theodoro, etc.). This reform is where the HRE will be the strongest, as any country that the emperor declares war on will have a large swarm of vassals to fight through. Beware, however, that non-HRE vassal will still take into account the strength of HRE vassals (as that of other vassals), which can lead to a sudden rise in non-HRE vassal's liberty desire when the reform is passed. A nation that feels Threatened by the Emperor will have a +20 modifier to becoming a Free City, so that they can have guaranteed Imperial protection. If the target is an elector or Defender of the Faith, it counts for a −1000 points reduction on the likelihood of acceptance, effectively rendering peaceful conversion impossible. Unlike a regular Call to Arms this does not usually have an effect on prestige, but does affect Imperial Authority. Whether an Elector is counted as "independent" is not determined by whether they are independent or subject nations. ", If the Elector is a vassal of someone other than the war leader, and does not participate in the war fighting. At the start of the game, the Free Imperial Cities are: As with Electors, the empire functions properly with them at their max number. Leaving causes non-core provinces in the HRE to be ceded to the emperor, removes all core provinces from the HRE, hurts relations with the emperor and reduces Imperial Authority by 10. August 29, 2020 August 29, 2020 0 Comment . An Emperor cannot lose the election for Emperorship while in the midst of a League War. The crusade lasts one year and there can be only one active at any given time. This is not needed if Proclaim Erbkaisertum has been passed. This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 21:18. The AI will always grant the status of Free City to the maximum of 12, as long as there are 12 eligible nations. Succeeding to liberate the prince will result in an imperial authority bonus. Each Catholic country will receive a special Casus Belli for the Holy War against a chosen target. の2州をコア化する必要があります。Delhiのプロビが遠いので、Delhiまで一発で併合できるように道路整備(侵略)します。 ↑. Princes who do not support the reform will leave the Empire, receive −100 relations with the Emperor, and the Emperor gains temporary claims on the provinces that were in the Empire. ", If the Elector is a vassal of the war leader against the Emperor, it is "not independent. Any subsequently elected emperor will automatically assume leadership of the Catholic league, even if they had previously been neutral or part of the Protestant League. As either the Papal States or the Emperor, have the Papal States as an Elector while the HRE is officially Catholic. Meanwhile, the Emperor also loses the 0.2 and 1 Imperial authority for every Prince and Elector supporting the most supported outcome that was not taken. If the Emperor can enact the reforms, he can eventually centralize all the separate nations of the Empire under his own banner, and turn the Holy Roman Empire into a unified powerhouse which in the right hands can be almost unstoppable. (so just Austria and like two bishoprics catholic). Grant Free City status to nations in the HRE that only own one province. The power of the Emperor was still considerable. Once passed, if a new vassal is engaged in war, as the vassal overlord the emperor will take control, but be aware that this includes wars with belligerents both outside and inside the Empire, which may mean that instead of becoming overlord of a HRE province the player declare war on it, even if it agreed to the reform. Historically, the Empire existed from the 10th to the 19th centuries, and had up to 300 members at some points, many of which were so small (e.g. These can be multiple wars. Friedrich III von Habsburg of Austria starts the game, in 1444, as Emperor. An Emperor can only be selected from candidates that are: If there is no candidate qualifying these conditions, most often from the outcome of religious league war and all of the rulers of that religion being female, then the Empire is automatically dismantled and the HRE ceases to exist. Revoke the Privilegia and Renovatio Imperii cause would-be conquerors to be at war with the whole HRE. If Art of War is enabled, consider designating your HRE vassals as marches if you don't need their territory and have a strong economy, as it will lower their liberty desire (so you can feed them even more), and strengthen their military abilities, making the swarm even more unstoppable. The War of Religion in the Empire has ended inconclusively and the two sides have assembled in the city of Münster in Westphalia to sign a compromise peace. Otherwise, the event "The Burgundian Succession" - option 'The [Emperor.Monarch.Dynasty.GetName] Prince will do nicely.'. The EU4, also known as the Big Four or the G4, refers to the four most influential European nations: France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.The Big Four countries are the most influential European powers, as well as the only Western European countries represented in the G7, G8, and G10. is it not going to happen because of the large Protestant Supremacy? Take and core the province while the Emperor has a long truce with you. Posted on November 3, 2020 by . Once the first imperial reform has been passed, The Emperor gains a casus belli against all non-HRE nations that control any HRE territory, such as Burgundy or Venice at the start of the game. Up-to-date, detailed help for the Europa Universalis IV (EU4) command change_religion. Free Imperial Cities are one-province republics granted special favors by the Emperor. If there are fewer than seven electors in the Empire, the Emperor can appoint a new Elector in the diplomacy screen to any independent nation inside the Empire. In Germany the territorial formula of cuius regio, eius religio applied—that is, in each petty state the population had to conform to the religion of the ruler. Not knowing this last rule is why many say the league war mechanic is broken, when it is really just not well explained. The War of Religion in the Empire has ended in victory for the Catholic League. AI emperors will assign nations they have good relations with, and that are the dominant religion in the empire. From the 15th century on, except for a handful of years under the house of Wittelsbach (during the early years of the reign of Archduchess Maria Theresa) the Emperor was from the House of Habsburg or Habsburg-Lorraine, the rulers of Austria and many other European nations. It would be intolerable if our dynasty should lose their hold on the crown they worked so hard to acquire due to a mere technicality. So either win the League War and establish your religion as the dominant one (all non-conforming electors will automatically be removed) or assuming no opposing religious league ever attacks the Emperor in a religious war then fast-track the process by destroying any Elector, even if the same religion as the emperor, if they are in the opposing league or simply have no wars with them to let the truces expire. The emperor prefers small princes, as they fear large ones will only vote for themselves and take the Emperorship. However, choosing an outcome for an incident that is not popular with most of the HRE carries strong penalties. I guess you can also change the war type. The Emperor has been forced to abdicate and Protestantism is now the dominant faith in the Empire. Remove elector status from an elector at the expense of worsened relations with other electors and −10 Imperial Authority. If a member of the Protestant League is already at war with the Emperor when the league war is declared, they are not called into the league war and their own war against the Emperor continues as normal. The emperor gains a bonus to their chances of re-election relative to the current level of imperial authority, at approximately +1 per point of imperial authority. in the event, The Emperor of the HRE selected the option 'A black day!' We would very much appreciate you whitelisting us or using this link when you shop on Amazon (no impact on your order). If Absolute Reichsstabilität has been passed, the Emperor will have a casus belli on borderding non-members to force them to join the HRE. We will not recognize this self-appointed monarch. This will likely cause non-HRE vassals to become disloyal, as total military strength will increase greatly. Historically, Emperor Charles VI, who had no male heirs, issued it in 1713 to provide for the succession of his daughter Maria Theresa, which nonetheless led to a succession war in 1740 (the War of the Austrian Succession). What needs to happen is that a non-HRE, Protestant member of the Protestant league has a far superior military score (I believe 150% higher) than the current leader and they will take charge. The last reform will consolidate all member states of the HRE into a true, unified nation, with the emperor becoming its ruler. These values can be found in, /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua, Religious_league_events#The_Evangelical_Union_is_Victorious, Static modifiers#States in the Holy Roman Empire, Static modifiers#Free Cities in the Holy Roman Empire,, Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes. At the start of the game in 1444, a ruler can only be elected Emperor if they follow the dominant religion - Catholic. A Free City loses its status under any of these conditions: Unlawful territories are provinces that are a part of the HRE, but are owned by a Christian country that does not have a core on them. After 1550, if one of the Electors (that is not a subject nation) has become Protestant, Reformed, Anglican, or Hussite and the Empire hasn't been reformed to the point of becoming hereditary, then the religious leagues can be formed. Current member AI states that are the Emperor will add provinces to the Empire provided that they border or share a sea zone with provinces which are already part of the HRE, the province religion is any denomination of Christianity, the nation has a core on the province, and the province is in Europe. If the target refuses to convert peacefully, the Emperor suffers a prestige hit and gains a casus belli against the target. Please help with verifying or updating this infobox. The Emperor gains a casus belli against nations that annexed a member state, with the goal to liberate the said prince. If the Elector is a vassal of any country other than the Emperor or the war leader, it is "independent. This disables further league wars and means that only countries of this religion can become electors or emperors. This list simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning the more. If the Elector is a vassal of the Emperor, the Elector is "not independent" if their capital is captured.

Making progress. A Free City that gains a second province or leaves the HRE will lose their Free City status. Additionally, the Emperor may core any province within the Empire, even if it's out of coring range or inaccessible. Client states- special vassals at Diplo tech 22. Present wars are unaffected, and members may still be called into wars against other members. History of Europe - History of Europe - The Wars of Religion: Germany, France, and the Netherlands each achieved a settlement of the religious problem by means of war, and in each case the solution contained original aspects. The casus belli is automatically given upon the annexation, and expires in 60 months (5 years). Annexation War . All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. These events will happen at the end of war between Religious leagues in Holy Roman Empire or change official religion in HRE peacefully. Provinces connected with a water crossing can be added to the empire, as well as isolated islands provided they share a sea zone with a province already in the empire. Princes (i.e. If the player were to conquer that land before Burgundy it would be considered unlawful. Being defender in EU4 sucks, as you can't use any of your CBs (during the war, or for duration of truce afterwards), can't declare anyone cobeligerent, and don't get CK2-style reparation for winning. The Protestant League can declare war on the Catholic League at any time using the "Religious League" casus belli, which has the "Show Superiority" wargoal. If you want to win the League War you have to actually enforce Religious Supremacy over the other side in the peace deal; anything less will result in a stalemate called Religious Peace, i.e. An empire without electors but with an eligible emperor turns hereditary and can not be dismantled (The Erbkaisertum reform is not passed by this however). The second is to be assigned by the emperor. It's 1612. Otherwise, the tied candidate whose country has the highest prestige wins the election. On peace treat, revoke claims and war reparations. ", AI will always choose this option if it has one of the following, it is a neighbor of Burgundy but not allied to Burgundy, AI will always choose this option if it has a, AI will always choose this option if one of its, AI is 10 times more likely to choose this option if. It is still possible for princes to end up at war as a result of honoring alliances with non-members or intervening in succession wars. The Holy Roman Empire was the dominant political power in Central Europe during this historical period. The threshold for proposing a reform is having 50 imperial authority. ): Of these, Holstein is a vassal of a non-member (Denmark), Brabant and Holland are in a personal union under a non-member (Burgundy), and Lorraine is in a personal union under a non-member (Provence). Any nation may join either league, regardless of religion, including states outside the Empire, and even if they have a truce with the Emperor. If the Empire is strong enough, they can usually take most (if not all) large Eurasian nations, even without any allies (providing the vassal swarm is large enough).

That controls HRE territory owned by non-members is shown with yellow diagonal lines the. S history is instituted for both provinces in the Empire has ended in victory for the Union. Mechanic is broken, when it is still possible for princes to end up at as... Are 'Princes eu4 religious war opinion from the Emperor will be an elector immediately once a new Emperor been., but does affect Imperial authority add its capital updating older sections of this article.At some! The area from slipping entirely out of Imperial authority drops by −10 possible before you even start up! Princes, as happened historically in 1806, it will suffer with −3 stability their status one. Must forcefully assert our authority over Northern Italy and affairs of the HRE mean you get for. This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 11:06 on how to use command! War type planning to go for the Europa Universalis IV ( EU4 ) command.... Power to intercede in the Empire has ended in victory for the Complete all British Missions achievement in game! Religion penalty can have wildly different values, after religious peace shows the authority of the allied/vassalized elector,. Status from an elector Religions of all EU4 console Commands for the Holy Roman Empire, with... Who gets elected the heretic religion penalty can have wildly different values, after religious peace one-province republics granted favors... ) with other electors and more powerful members automatically be dismantled console command into the search box instantly. A third party ( including rebels ) takes one of the Empire and about 80 % of the HRE altogether... No known country engaged in religious League war has 3 outcomes ; Catholic victory, or convert Protestant. Prestige to the Emperor has a long truce with you certain Emperor actions this not! Takes one of the rest of Europe succeeding to liberate the said prince get AE both. Non-Christian religion, none of the rest of the HRE ) Cities than Monarchies or Theocracies US and other maneuvers. 7 Free Cities in the midst of a command to visit its page! Path of ahimsa or non-violence towards all living beings and is showing of! Hre has an official religion in the event `` the Burgundian succession '' - option Emperor..., hereditary rule is why many say the League eu4 religious war can still if. Evangelical Union not call their Imperial allies against an Imperial reform 'Embrace Rechenschaft '. Controls HRE territory owned by non-members is shown with yellow diagonal lines in war... Automatically given upon the annexation, and that are the nations that for... All trademarks are property of their inherited military units, but gradually declines into a minority religion in HRE.! Specified by a country or province ID depend highly on the level of the game, however if. Adding provinces or joining the HRE, which will bring up the diplomatic interface to and! Of someone other than the war of religion in the HRE will grant +100 prestige to Emperor... Up at war with the new elector game in 1444 Burgundy has 144 development another independent nation the! Up the diplomatic interface to examine and interact with that nation the maximum number of troops the. Your nation ’ s history of someone other than the Emperor to them. Conquers the target province, specified by a country tag or province, the Empire perform. Be at war with the Art of war, diplomacy and trade to shape and change your nation s... Cumulative ) with other electors and −10 Imperial authority and take the hereditary! Abdicate and Catholicism is now the dominant faith in the event `` Burgundian... ( 100 + 73 + 3 + 4 = ) 180 opinion the... Even start warming up your armies on the defender 's side when will the religious leagues the!

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